1. Name The name of the Circle should be the Ware Wine and Beer Circle.
2. Objects To encourage the making of homemade wine and beer; the appreciation of commercial wine and beer and to promote and facilitate the discussion and views on this subject.
3. Membership a) Membership shall be open to any person over the age of sixteen interested in the making of wine and/or beer.
  b) All applications for membership, or renewal, shall be considered by the Committee who shall have the power to accept or reject any such application.
  c) Membership shall be limited to 50 persons.
  d) All members shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General meeting.
  e) All fully paid up members will be encouraged to make at least one entry in the circle’s Annual Competition.
4. Officers of the Circle and Committees. a) The officers elected are to be Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Competition and Show Secretary, and Social Secretary. An individual may only hold one of the above posts. The General Committee may define additional posts.
  b) There shall be a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. For any Committee meeting a quorum shall be four elected members.
  c) The Committee shall have powers to co-opt additional members as necessary.
  d) In the event of one of the elected officer posts not being filled at the Annual General Meeting, the election shall be declared void. The President shall have the authority to ask the incumbent officers to remain in post until an Extraordinary General Meeting can be convened.
  e) An honorary auditor who is not an officer of the Circle shall be appointed.
  f) The General Committee may, at its discretion, nominate a circle president for a term of three years. Approval for the acceptance of the nomination will be sought from the circle members at the Annual General Meeting.
5. Meetings There shall be an Annual General Meeting in April each year and in addition, general meetings on the third Monday of each month, unless otherwise decided by the Committee. Prior notice of at least one month will be given for any change.
6. Subscriptions The subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting each year and payable at the first general meeting after the Annual General Meeting.
7. Finances The financial year shall be from 1st March to 28th February. The Treasurer shall present a statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of the Circle being wound up, any remaining funds will be donated to charities chosen by the Committee.
8. Rules In case of doubt as to the interpretation of any Rule, the decision of the Chairman shall be final.
  Revised April 2004

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